Frédéric JAPY sets up a watch movement factory in Beaucourt, near Montbéliard.


Some years later MIGEON & DOMINE is founded in Morvillars in the Belfort region, later to become VIELLARD MIGEON et Compagnie (VMC).


JAPY Frères and VIELLARD & MIGEON decide to join forces to launch the industrial manu¬facture of forged wood screws in France.


The Société Industrielle de Delle is founded by the DUBAIL-KOHLER family in the town of Delle, Belfort. The company quickly begins to specialize in the manufacture of machine-turned screws.


These three family-run businesses (KOHLER, JAPY and VIELLARD) merge to form a company called GFD, thus becoming France’s foremost manufacturer of standard and automotive nuts and bolts. The three founding families are today part of CID (Compagnie Industrielle de Delle), which owns a controlling stake in the LISI group.


GFD acquires BLANC AERO, which specializes in aerospace parts and in packaging components for the perfumery sector. This new group is named GFI.


GFI is floated on the Paris Stock Exchange’s over-the-counter mar¬ket and becomes GFI Industries.

1990 / 2000

Throughout the 1990s, GFI Industries continues to strengthen its position in the three sectors it is involved in by acquiring over 15 companies throughout Europe and the United States.


To better delineate its specialist areas, GFI Industries becomes LISI, (LInk Solutions for Industry; its three divisions also adopting the name, adding their core business as a suffix: LISI AEROSPACE, LISI AUTOMOTIVE and LISI COSMETICS.
The strategy of focusing on core businesses continues:

  • Sale of non-strategic business lines (GFD, Ars Industries and the production unit at Aillevilliers),
  • Acquisition of California's MONADNOCK (LISI AEROSPACE).

Acquisition of KNIPPING in Germany (LISI AUTOMOTIVE). Opening of a factory in Canada (LISI AEROSPACE). Sale of Gradel (LISI AUTOMOTIVE).


Medical venture kicked off with the successive purchase of three companies in France and the United States.


The Group continues its external growth by making two major acquisitions:

  • LISI AUTOMOTIVE buys two French sites from the US Group, Acument Global Technologies, specializing in the manufacture of fasteners for the automotive industry.
  • LISI MEDICAL purchases a site producing hip replacements from the US Group, Stryker Corporation, a leading global provider of medical technologies. The agreement is accompanied by a five-year supply contract.

The Group continues to strengthen and build its position in strategic markets. Major transactions this year include:

  • LISI COSMETICS is deconsolidated on January 1, 2011 following the sale completed as at April 6, 2011. For the record, the division generated a turnover of €52.8m in 2010.
  • The purchase of the CREUZET Group, consolidated as of July 1, 2011, which represents more than €100 million on an annual basis.

LISI AEROSPACE acquired MANOIR AEROSPACE which consolidates its position within the world of Structural Components :

  • The purchase of MANOIR AEROSPACE brings another 170 m€ on an annual basis
  • The Structural Components business represents now 40% of LISI AEROSPACE revenues.

LISI Group,  an historical sense of adaptation

From watches to screws and then nuts and bolts, the LISI Group has proved adaptable over more than two centuries to the changing requirements of its customers. It was able to jump on the automotive bandwagon in the 1960s and the aerospace one in the next decade. Thanks to the vision of the directors at the time, the alliance of the complementary businesses of the Kohler, Viellard and Japy families has led to the creation of a world leading manufacturer in our niche sectors.


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