Structural Components

Our components and assemblies are made out very specific raw materials such as titanium, stainless steel, super alloys, composite or aluminum, and have to meet various demanding specifications: geometry, appearance and cosmetics, weight, and some other specifics especially in the mechanical properties field.

  • Innovative Manufacturing Processes : our unique capabilities in manufacturing primary components make us best and more efficient when it comes to complex parts than standard parts; we are keen to manufacture sub-assemblies or portions of sub-assemblies using those components.
    Complexity goes along with complex geometry or loaded zones of the aircraft such as nose cone, belly fairing, tail cone, engine pylon, nacelle, air inlet, exhaust, landing gear box.
    Complexity goes also along with efficiency when it comes to the jet engine performance where fans, outlet/inlet guide vanes and various blades are key.

Thanks to the acquisition of CREUZET Group and MANOIR AEROSPACE, LISI AEROSPACE has expanded its product line and created the Structural Components division. In this way, our customers have a qualified partner for any complex components manufacturing. Our structural components go into the airframe, the engine and its nacelle – like for fasteners, most of them are embedded for the entire life of the aircraft.

Inherited from past activities, Structural Components hosts two other businesses not directly linked to the above activities:

  • Helicopter equipments : we design, manufacture and service cargo hooks used to carry and release live or inert loads with an helicopter
  • Floor covering : from managing the floor covering supplier base and products catalog to designing , cutting and gluing floor covering elements and then fitting the aircraft, we can handle any on demand project submitted by OEM’s and Airlines for the first equipment or renewal
  • Defense : we manufacture components as per confidential military requirements
  • Castings : a dedicated unit, specialized in lost wax technology to serve the aerospace market as well as the general industry


What does imply manufacturing a structural component?

Whether we speak about engine blade, a 3D structural beam, a metal leading edge, a one piece canopee or a stiffener, all those components require outstanding capabilities in metal forming sustained by a deep understanding of metal behavior to flow it as close as possible to the net shape of the final products. Our products are therefore stronger, cheaper, lighter and more accurate than those made out of conventional manufacturing techniques

Structural components