What is a fastener?

It’s usually a pin or a nut which forms a bolt used to link several components together such as stringers, flanges, skins, ribs, shrouds, stiffeners… to form the structure of an aircraft or an engine.
It is made out of very specific raw materials such as titanium, stainless steel, super alloys or aluminum, and has to meet demanding various specifications: geometry, fatigue, tensile, stress, corrosion, weight, conductivity, temperature and various other specifications.

LISI AEROSPACE has gradually become number three worldwide on the fasteners' market, merging together with well-known companies and acquiring market shares thanks to its new products and competitiveness. Our fasteners go into the airframe, the engine and the interior – most of them are embedded for the entire life of the aircraft.

In addition, LISI AEROSPACE is very active on the racing market where it holds a unique position supplying rod bolts, head bolts and fasteners for Formula 1 and NASCAR car chassis.



Did you know?

  • An A380 is made with six million different components out of which three million are fasteners.
  • By using titanium nuts rather than steel or stainless steel nuts, we can save up to 110kg on a single aisle aircraft and 220 kg on a wide body aircraft.
  • An aircraft is struck more than once a year by lightning; a proper flow of the current through the structure and fasteners, including those embedded in critical areas such as fuel tanks, ensures its safety.
  • LISI AEROSPACE is able to manufacture more than 250,000 fastener references
  • The total cost of an aircraft assembly (fastener, tooling, jigs, workman hours..) is between 15 to 25 % compared to only 3 to 5% only for the cost of fasteners themselves.