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LISI Group is an international French group (10923 employees, 43 production sites on the world) specialized in components and fastening systems in the automotive (LISI AUTOMOTIVE), medical (LISI MEDICAL) and aerospace (LISI AEROSPACE) sectors.
Worldwide company acting on the Aerospace Market since 1950, LISI AEROSPACE is a company worth more than $1.3 billion that designs, manufactures and services more than 300 customers in 30 countries with components and sub-assemblies of high technical content, making the difference in its ability to innovate and sustain high operating performance standards.
High operating standards refers to On Time Delivery, Quality, Safety at Work and Financials. It is at first a mindset expected at levels within the company, embedded in each of our team member and seconded by methodologies such as LEAP (LISI Excellence Achievement Program based upon Lean and six Sigma Techniques), by appropriate training programs delivered within the LISI AEROSPACE Knowledge Institute (LKI) and generally speaking guiding principles such as Customer Centric and Facts & Results oriented attitudes.
Our components and sub-assemblies can be found almost in every aircraft in the world and are all contributing to its integrity, performance and above all flight safety.

Innovation is driven by heavy market trends such has weight reduction, low consumption, new materials, increasing safety requirements, environmental compatibility and lower cost that will lead to tomorrows aircrafts – it is not limited to products, but includes as well manufacturing processes and organization.

Last but not least, our Company is a unique combination of organic growth and acquisitions of stand-alone companies along the years in various countries. We respect and recognize their history (some have even made flying aircrafts 40 years ago) and have preserved their roots in their local market, the human related size, their deep technical knowledge while integrating them into one global company.

Our team members share three passions: art of flying, metal forming and working as team.

LISI AEROSPACE offers to its stakeholders a long term and sustainable way of interacting on its market and is proud to be part of the aerospace community.